Good morning to whom it may corcern. My name is Cardonald...

James - September 29 2009, 9:26 AM

Good morning to whom it may corcern.

My name is Cardonald Laurent and i'am a student at Rockland Community College in New York City. I was just reading your resume about the problem Haiti is facing now, as a Haitian i have to be concern about my contry.

I left Haiti 6 years ago and for me when i'am reading, listening to these kind of things it gives me problem, it makes me think a lot for this Contry and as the president of Haiti Mr. Preval i'am sorry about what you going throw.

well to start i'am not saying that go and force the poeple to give money when there's no job. but one thing you can do is try to create something such as a Usine, Garage, or car wash so that they could earn the money and pay the Electricity image put yourself in this position houw woul you react when you have 3 kids to feed to send to school?

imagine you have a member of a familly in the U.S OR anywhere else that send you a 100$ U.S dollars what would you do with that money?

isn't it you will make sure your familly have what it takes to survive?

By the time you finish taking care of them then you have nothing left not even enough to by fresco.

So please think about that or just try to creat something interesting to raise money to make this project a success that way you could by the material that you need to move this Contry ahead.

Thank you.


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