This baby boy knows a thing or two

Mark - March 17 2007, 9:28 PM

Well at least i consulted with a dictionary.

A book that deals with facts.

At least i'm not deluded by hearsay and rumors.

Name calling is the oldest worn out trick in the book. I'm not so threatened by people's opinions that i have to demand their silence.

I don't impose my prejudice views on others.

Truth facts don't need to be imposed on people.

I try to be impartial and openminded when i argue I do not let Godlike adoration of a mere man cloud my judgement.

I don't presume to know anything and everything about a person or a government.

That's unwise.

I'm very skeptical about everything i'm not quick to condemn or defend because one can never know everything.

As for this baby boy title i'll take it as a compliment.

Youth is synonymous to vigor, energy, endurance.

This baby boy is fit and ready to run, I don't even think it's a fair match when I'm dealing with aged competitors with arthritis.

The only reason i responded was because i was more amused then offended by your comment.

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