you don't need to be so condescending.

Mark - March 17 2007, 10:39 PM

First of all i would like to know whether you Robert Toussaint and Robert Magic are the same person.

Second My comment was not directed at you. Thirdly I think Preval is a decent guy. I may have my reservations about his qualities but i acknowledge that he's job is enormous and he's dealing with daunting difficulties.

My problem is that i don't think you guys should tell people to shut up when you disagree with what they're saying it's a lot more civilized to present counter argument then to disrespect someone.

Your views and opinions are not more important than theirs.

None of us are eyewitnesses were just talking about things we've heard

Response to:

Sorry Mark, mais je ne saurais accepter de telles...


Preval est le plus INCOMPETENT des presidents haitiens

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