You are just wonderful and correct

Robert Magic - March 19 2007, 1:08 PM

Everything you have said is correct and well written; I assume that you are one of the good young Haitians out there.

You love your country, care about the news and how things should be done for the better of the country etc.

We need more young people like you to take over; my generation did not do a good job regarding social issues, economic issues ; but we learnt some moral values that keep us from doing wrong stuffs.

I was born in 1959; most of the time I criticized the older generation for not doing enough for the country.

Now it's your time to get down on me because I did not do enough to help the country in agriculture, government public work, or other stuffs..

I am very sorry for any inconvenient like words exchanged etc

Take care Mark, you are a good young Haitian.

Keep it up because most of the people in your generation declare that they are not from Haiti.

robert magic

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