For those able free to do so plan move to Abaco

Earl Wheby Jr - October 12 2009, 5:39 AM

Economic events continue to go downhill in U.S. with sub prime mortage crisis now moving to prime mortage and commercial mortage crisis and many more small U.S. banks to fail along with high unemployement due to economic demise with parents losing jobs and homeless students and children on rise in Florida and adding to problems in Florida is cold weather up North and homeless and out of work people from there coming South to Florida adding to already overburdened aid agencies and all of this will increase pressure on immigrants and especially any illegal Haitians in U.S. who should fear local police stopping them then turning them over to immigration to be sent back into bad situation in Haiti.

Also possible new terrorist attacks of militant Muslims because of U.S. wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and soon Iran will add to pressure against Haitians in U.S. so I call on all illegals currently in U.S. to plan now for move to Abaco island in Bahamas where there are already large number of illegal Haitians and there is work and people living in peace without fear of deportation.

You will be in better position to play role in future to change situation in Haiti and also able to take part in historic events to come along with chance to play active role in my new administration if elected president.

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