a bit more respect for our head of state plz

Mark - March 19 2007, 5:10 PM

Mr. Robert Magic We started off on the wrong foot. I apologize for any disrespectful statements i made. You know, if i was choosing a president Preval would not have been my first choice but that doesn't mean I am against him, i support him now and i want him to succeed.

In the past i was highly critical of him. Then i realize that he doesn't have an easy job as president.

Everything is broken in Haiti and he doesn't the resources to get things done. And even if he had the resources it will take time. I agree people shouldn't disrespect him the way they do sometimes, it's wrong.

And they shouldn't make unfair accusations.

I'm support freedom of speech but some people have gone too far in expressing their opinion.

The problem is a lot people blindly accepts vicious as facts and then they start spreading it as if it is facts.

Again I hope you accept my apologies.

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Everything you have said is correct and well written...


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Mark, je vois que finalement tu comprend ma position...

Mark, je vois que finalement tu comprend ma position...

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