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A new Associatd Press (AP) article just out dated (Oct. 16,2009) entitled "Feds Sign up locals to Help Enforce Immigration" begins by saying: "The Obama administration has signed up 55 state and local law enforcement agencies to help enforce immigration laws.." This is just as I have pointed out in the past concerning the local police and immigration.

The immigration agency is concerning itself mainly with raids on corporations that employ large numbers of illegals and fining the companies and arresting illegals but it is the local police that now present an additional threat as you could be just walking down the street and some cop may say to his partner in the police car "Lets check out these folks to see if they are illegals" and that would begin the deportation process and this is why I have suggested anyone illegal consider moving now to Abaco island in the Bahamas where there is already a large Haitian community, where there are jobs and where there is fear of deportation.

It is obvously easy to sneak into Abaco as many Haitians have already done so and live in an area called The Mud. You will have no trouble finding them once there and contact me also once there for assistance and instructions.

Earl Wheby Jr, October 16 2009, 4:51 PM

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Earl Wheby Jr, 16-Oct-09 4:57 pm


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