Aristide dissolved the army because of the corruption that was...

Jc - October 20 2009, 9:15 AM

Aristide dissolved the army because of the corruption that was taking place in this institution.

Dissolving the army was not the best course of action but something needed to be done to totally make it apolitical.

The army had become too political for the country and it was a constant danger against political stability.

It was a source of anarchy.

Haiti is a newly democratic country in terms of stability with a centralized power system.

Therefore the use of military power should be limited directly proportional to the popular force.The country should not military or popular forces to attack government or the people anymore.

Haiti needs an army that will know its limits not to be manipulated so easily by letting the congress control its actions.

I have a lot things that I could bring many ideas on how to get a great army that is useful in Haiti but this is just a forum.

Best of luck to all!!!


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