Corruption in the armed forces are not justifiable reasons to...

Boje Lwijan - October 20 2009, 11:32 AM

Corruption in the armed forces are not justifiable reasons to dissolve the forces.

If one needs to seriously tackle the ever ending headaches on curruption in Haiti, the root causes of the problem has to be addressed, not the result of the problem.

& in order to combat corruption in poor countries like ours, it's absolutely paramounth that the basics in human fairness, services, meeting crucial needs, human right issues, given serious consideration, first.

Because, considering that citizens making up a society, are the elements necessary to help not only build that society, also maintaining the application of rules of educated social laws, & pushing a country forward for the better.

That being said, if we are sincere about combatting corrupting, let's start treating our fellow country men in Haiti, as our most valuable assets, & those who give themselves the tittles of leader, or wise men, the government, should lead the way in this initiative.

When one blames the armed forces for being corrupted, I ask myself if they ever consider the reality that those same soldiers making up the forces, did not originated from an other planet, or an other coutry.

Let's fight the source of the problem.

Haiti, given our history, should have never been without its own armed forces.

Whether bad or not, it's honorable to have one we can call CHE MET, CHE METRES!

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