I WAS NOT CLAIMING SH A-ho& . I did not mention anything...

Boje Lwijan - October 20 2009, 3:54 PM


I did not mention anything about Haitian athlets in football, either.

Is somebody having issues with reading comprehension here?

For a man so analytical of Haiti, it's a shame not even able to understand the basic of English, ho*^o. Would you care telling us where exactly you are from so I can figure out which enemy is shooting at us, so I can use the appropriate arsenal to fire back?

You could do that, if you weren't a pu&5k. For real educated men don't come out open their pu%^y whole & ask to be fu&* like you do.

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As I understand it you are claiming there are Haitian...


Haiti ranks amongst the worst!

Haiti comes in at 24th among top 30 "least livable" countries in the world in 2006 but could be higher now. It ranks...

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Thank you for your support my son. Haiti will have...

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