Let me guess, you had cooked up that story about a voodoo...

Boje Lwijan - October 21 2009, 9:22 AM

Let me guess, you had cooked up that story about a voodoo priest calling our troops back to Haiti while fighting in the prostitutes Dominicans, right?

I am not surprise kuz I know a-holes of your type are capable of much worst'.

For all that I see, you are an other Haitian hater with nothing else to do but picking on us as it has been the norm for the last 300 hundred years with the white supremacists who got upset after 1804,still leading the way.What do you really care for Haiti?

If there was any good intention of yours toward Haiti, I don't think that heading of your subject would've been such HAITI RANKS AMONGST THE WORST.

On the surface, other black Islanders in the Caribbean, are designed as being better of than Haitians.However, if we took away the white ownership of everything from those islands being used as their facial make ups, I can guarantee you, other Haitis, forcefully crafted by none other than your fellow whites who held everything in this world hostage, starting from basic necessities, to mere educations.That is to say to you & the other latrine mouths who love bragging about Haiti, that,if it weren't for a persistent historical interferences in our internal affairs by your fellow whites satans, Haiti would've been better off today.& when you & yours are not busy getting directly involved in Haiti by corrupting elected officials, you take your attacks on other avenues such as the media;to other countires where people don't even have a clue where Haiti is located, or coming on internet message boards hoping your venom & inherited hatred for our people would be injected without any serious notice.Just like you're accustumed to do to black Americans.This is no blaming games, nor crying shames, it's as true as the stories of BLACK WALL STREET of Tulsa Oklahoma where your white mobs took down a whole city with affluent black business leaders & murdered them. Where were you when the USA was administering its deadliest of blows to Haiti when it invaded in 1915, remained there, occupied our country until 1934?

In an era where where lynching a black person was similar to killing a fly. Marines from Southern states, in an era where it is reported that 90% of the US population sympathized with the KU KLUX KLAN,& were directly involved in their swipping movements of any none whites.When the PROSTESTANTS were pushing their their hateful agendas foward.That's when Woodraw Wilson sent those butchers to a black governed nation where they slaughtered, ridiculed, humiliated my people the same way they massacred the black at black wall street.

Where were you then?

Weren't you part of the killing machines, I believe you were there mentally.

I always say that the only way Haiti could have avoided these acts of barbarism from your fellow whites, is if we had militarized ourselves, just like Cuba.Jean Jacques Dessalines wanted to do just that, unfortunately he was killed before he could.

Ready to 4k any 1 who 4k wit us.

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