O.K., I will follow your advice and recommendations concerning...

Earl Wheby Jr - October 21 2009, 2:31 PM

O.K., I will follow your advice and recommendations concerning Bahamas and Abaco.

Thank you for bringing me up to date on the situation there.

Do me a favor and find out how I can contact military leaders in Haiti.

I have email for embassy of Haiti but am not interested to communicate with them because the future of Haiti is not in the hands of politicians but in the hands of the military.

I believe we should work to (1) Keep the current military leadership (2) Increase the size of the army and (3) Increase the size of the Haitian Air Force.

I hereby withdraw recommendations Haitians go to Abaco and suggest those that are intrested to do the best thing for Haiti return home and seek to join up with the military.

I know it is bad in Honduras and these lists I refered to (I think it was Time magazine) didn't say Haiti was poorest but had them in the middle of the top 50. The title of the post is not meant to be anti Haiti just informing of the survey.

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