I do know what I am talking about but a lot of it is...

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I do know what I am talking about but a lot of it is classified (secret) and I can't go into full detail.

While the old military may not be perfect they are needed.

We can't just say we are going to start doing away with things because then we make enemies of these people who currently have jobs in Haiti.

Under my plan no one would lose their job and we would build around the existing structure of the military to build a new and bigger military and as this happened the current leadership would grow weaker because there would be more Gemerals and more commanders to counter the current leadership but the main idea behind my plan to change the situation not only inside Haiti but on the entire island involves a much stronger and larger military and a much larger Haitian Air Force and this is also were the establishment of a new military school (college or University like West Point in U.S.) comes in. Here is how I see it. As expats, we don't have to wait around for 2 more years and campaign or this or that man because no politician is going to be able to change the situation and surely not by firing people who currently have jobs as it would only lead to possible civil war. We (as expats) can begin now to change things in Haiti without having to work through the current politicians in but the key to making these changes is a much larger and stronger military.

Earl Wheby Jr, October 21 2009, 4:53 PM

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O.K., I will follow your advice and recommendations concerning Bahamas and Abaco. Thank you for bringing me up to date... read more >
Earl Wheby Jr, 21-Oct-09 2:31 pm
I support military in Haiti but not the old military. I don't think you have any ideas of what you are talking about. read more >
Banjo, 21-Oct-09 4:02 pm
I agree with you with increasing the army size as well as having an air force but also a coast gaurd because many... read more >
Cleo, 21-Oct-09 4:46 pm
I do know what I am talking about but a lot of it is classified (secret) and I can't go into full detail. While the... read more >
Earl Wheby Jr, 21-Oct-09 4:53 pm
I see you guys are really interested in the existence of a military entity in Haiti right now. I think the idea is... read more >
Jc, 21-Oct-09 9:54 pm
This been Haiti's Problems for 200years of such mentality like yours "secret" Why because you have no plans (vision... read more >
Banjo, 21-Oct-09 10:31 pm
You have my support with that idea. read more >
Cleo, 21-Oct-09 11:20 pm
Cleo, If you support that idea then you will support I (Montresor) for President of Haiti in 2011 because my vision... read more >
Montresor 2011, 21-Oct-09 11:44 pm
I am reading it right now and will let you know what I think. Good luck. read more >
Cleo, 22-Oct-09 1:16 am
Good ideas. I would like to make a point concerning the individual who raised the issue of race. As we are all expats... read more >
Earl Wheby Jr., 22-Oct-09 7:52 am
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