I see you guys are really interested in the existence of a...

Jc - October 21 2009, 9:54 PM

I see you guys are really interested in the existence of a military entity in Haiti right now. I think the idea is good but the main focus would be to have a smart military entity as we used to have in the past, it was called the military academy form young men and women called cadets with the highest ethical standards.

They would be strong, smart and competent to carry out their apolitical duties.

They would learn military duties and help build the economy of the country one department at a time as their first priority.

The main priorities for a candidate go gain normal leadership in Haiti would have to be foods, security, housing, industrialization and globalization, in that order.

If politicians follow these simple steps with their economic principles, they will have a brand new Haiti in less 12 years, I promised.

If someone wants to be a good president to be remembered, follow my advice.


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You have my support with that idea.

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