Good ideas. I would like to make a point concerning the...

Earl Wheby Jr. - October 22 2009, 7:52 AM

Good ideas.

I would like to make a point concerning the individual who raised the issue of race. As we are all expats who were either born in or worked in Haiti let me suggest the only requirment for us working together is that we have the best interest of Haiti at heart.

For me personally, I have personal knowledge of Papa Doc and Baby Doc administrations and am aware Baby Docs mother was against his marriage to Bennetts daughter because it went against the policies of Papa Doc in appealing to and giving recognition to the black people of Haiti.

All that has happened since Baby Docs leaving I have only limited knowledge of but you might want to go to google and look up embassy of Haiti in Washington, D.C. and pass your idea along to them and my understanding is they are required to forward it to the home government.

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