Earl Wheby Jr., Don't you think if we are Haitians we already...

Banjo - October 22 2009, 9:26 AM

Earl Wheby Jr.,

Don't you think if we are Haitians we already know about papa doc and baby doc?

I've never mention race and race is not the issue in question to you?

We no longer concern of baby doc present and past marriages?

If your "idea is not a policy that can be taken in just a few days of policy decisions but is more a board plan for the future for Haiti."
Then you should have taken the necessary time to prepare and present your ideas in a respectful way to us the Haitian people...

Every country and its leaders in the planet are subject to counter attacks against, not just Haiti.

1-A "leader" will stand boldly and face up the counter attacks for his people with open knowledge, and intelligence to the world of oppositions in order to change the course of history.

2-A "country" will stand boldly to defend the counter attacks against their leader with the same mindset of the leader's knowledge, and intelligence in the world of oppositions in order to bring about change.

Talk is cheap please showing us Haitians to another level of education with knowledge and intelligence on this presidential election.

No more fool play with our country's destiny...

By the way I am not your Son until you can proved your character, knowledge, and intelligence to be my "daddy"
I know who my Daddy is!!!

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O.K. my son I will attempt to do as you have...


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