This is a public forum and I have already been subjected to...

Earl Wheby Jr - October 22 2009, 12:32 PM

This is a public forum and I have already been subjected to censure over comments related to Abaco.

Bahamas and claims that the Bahamas authorities came into Abaco and rounded up a large group of illegal Haitians in the middle of the night and sent them home. There are limits to what all you can talk about on a public site like this without raising alarms because you just don't know who is monitoring the sites.

Let me say this to make my proposal to save Haiti as clear as possible without actually spelling out complete details.

Go to and in the space bar put in "Manifest Destiny" and click search and what you will read about Manifest Destiny which is a summary of what I think is needed to save Haiti.

Anyone running for President of Haiti who only talks about domestic policies will not save Haiti as the problems have become too great as is evidenced by all the boatloads of people leaving Haiti.

In summary the country has too many people in too small an area and there are no trees along with other problems and expansion is the only solution to change things for Haiti and for this to happen a much larger and stronger military will be needed.

Once again, go to google and put in Manifest Destiny and if these policies were O.K. for the U.S. then how can they or anyone else say the same policies are not suitable for Haiti?

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Earl Wheby Jr., Don’t you think if we are Haitians...


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