Earl Wheby Jr, You doesn't make sense at all because I Google...

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Earl Wheby Jr,

You doesn't make sense at all because I Google "Manifest Destiny" about an American idea. Right! Happy yeah...

And you have the same idea for Haiti.

Right! Happy yeah...

Earl, musicians never hides their gifts and talents because there are gifted to serve their music to the world or country people.

Since you believe that you are the one to save Haiti then your job will be to serve (present) your gifts and talents in a visionary format to us Haitian people.

How can you be a leader when you have so much fear, no one can win a fight with fear such as yours?

Because you are not inform about the assumptions of what you're talking about; take the Abaco Bahamas situation that kick your A*S*S publicly with raising alarms.

Red flags.

I got it you have limits to what all you can talk about in public because you have no idea of you're lies.

Banjo, October 22 2009, 4:03 PM

Topic: Haiti ranks amongst the worst!

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Earl Wheby Jr, 22-Oct-09 12:32 pm
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Boje Lwijan, 22-Oct-09 1:50 pm
Earl Wheby Jr, You doesn’t make sense at all because I Google "Manifest Destiny" about an American idea. Right... read more >
Banjo, 22-Oct-09 4:03 pm
I can feel the blood in your vein man! Kudo to you and to all fellow haitians that express themselves like you do. Jou... read more >
Jean-esdrace, 23-Oct-09 3:46 am
If we want, we can. Together we stand until the end. I am with all men that want to see good come out of Haiti and... read more >
Jean-esdrace, 23-Oct-09 4:18 am
You are too stupid to see the "American idea" of manifest destiny is the solution to the problems of Haiti. Mr. E... read more >
Rkgs, 23-Oct-09 9:10 am
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