You are too stupid to see the "American idea" of manifest...

Rkgs - October 23 2009, 9:10 AM

You are too stupid to see the "American idea" of manifest destiny is the solution to the problems of Haiti.

Mr. E. Wheby has informed me he is not longer interested to offer help or advice to nasty Haitians and has wrote to Homeland Security which is over immigration about all the illegal Haitians in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area and that he is happy govenment of Bahamas moved to evict illegal Haitians who were able to sneak into Abaco island because Abaco if for white people and it was the Loyists from the American Revolution who left U.S. and settled Abaco not Haitians who have been rounded up in night raid and shipped back to Haiti!

Response to:

Earl Wheby Jr, You doesn’t make sense at all...


Haiti ranks amongst the worst!

Haiti comes in at 24th among top 30 "least livable" countries in the world in 2006 but could be higher now. It ranks...

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