Civil war dark skin vs mulatos

Llyod - March 20 2007, 3:38 PM

If you take times to understand the nature of Haiti'
problems.I remember in the70s Haiti was better than
now.It was an honor to say that you are haitian but
the mulatos want to be closer to their former slave owners they will do everything to distance themselves to the darker haitians, they call themselves french, american etc some of them want you
to believe that they don't know how to speak haitian
creole.they are a shame that their mothers and fathers can't read, they don't go back to the neighborhood that they used to walk the streets without shoes, sans kanson.Now they are senators, doctors,lawyers in an outlaw country.Don't
blame the president for our faillure, it is a civic
duty for everyone to help Haiti.

Education is haiti
#1 problem, we need to get ready of creole or french.

We need to speak one language, i don't have a problem with haitians speak haitian or french, we should have a vote. 2 Promote our culture, celebrate or ancestors,3 Stop begging Washington, if they want to help they would have done it a long time ago...

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with a civil war between "neg noa and mulatre" what...


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you know i agree with you. but there's other ways to...

Don't imply that there is a civil war going on...

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