civil war dark skin vs mulatos

Kadav Vivan - March 20 2007, 4:50 PM

you know i agree with you. but there's other ways to resolve that without fighting.

for that reason they should let the people decide.

they should have votes on any high level government job. to ensured that we the black haitians choose who we want. whoever cant speak the haitian creol should be keep out of office because the majority of haitians speak creol, not french.

so if they cant speak for the people to understand they cant be the people's leaders.

majority rules, there is more black haitians then mulatos so blacks should rules.

our government also need to enforce laws against discrimination, those who discriminate should pay x amount of dollars.

we the haitians people always discriminate against each other when we have a better life then the other do. in haiti a rich man have have a 98% chance of getting any type of job, while a poor man get only 2% chance of getting a job. thats not right we need to stop discriminating.

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