Civil war dark skin vs mulattoes?

Mark - March 20 2007, 8:44 PM

Don't imply that there is a civil war going on between black and mulatto Haitians.

Statements like these are provocative and they will only incite division or even violence.

Divided we will never achieve anything.

I agree the relation between black and mulatto Haitians has been troublesome but to label it as a civil war is outrageous.

As a society we haitians have failed, but we can always pick up the pieces and start over again.

We have failed in the domain of education and French is not the problem either.

The problem is that the educational system in Haiti is outdated and inadequate.

A lot of time i hear people blame the french language as the problem when it's not. The school system is the problem, the method by which we educate students is the problem and we simply don't have enough public schools and qualified teachers.

There's countries in Africa that have 20 different dialects and they do just fine. The government should make sure that by the time a student leaves elementary school that, such student is fluent in both creole and french research have shown that kids are able to learn any language faster and better than adults.

We can't just get rid of French it's also part of our culture.

Don't forget that one the many definition of creole is mixture our culture is a mixed culture.

Remember, not all black haitians are from the same West African countries.

So the Haitian culture is basically a mixture of the different West African countries where we were kidnapped and the rest of it from France.

As for the Mulattoes who pretend they're not Haitians we should ignore them. We should collaborate those who are willing to work with us and ignore the others who pretend they're not haitians.

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