legacy you have left and the crisis with Madam

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may GOD help Haiti, what a shame a bunch of negroes unable to govern themselves.

The biggest mistake was murdering the mulatre.

The predominantly black Haitian government after decades of corruption, incompetence, criminality and neglect have caused Haiti to become&#65279; a failed and mendicant state.

No one was fooled by the Lavalas Preval hiding under a new name "Espoir" He cannot deliver just like his predecessor due to incompetence.

After all what does a fake agronomist and failed bakery owner or a priest know about running a government?

Haitians need to wise-up and elect only those who are "qualified" to govern.

Haitians are paying for the blood of the mulattre

Dessaline 1799-1800, 15,000 white and mixed.

1847-1849The illiterate black Soulouque who made himself an emperor massacred so many mulattoes that the government ceased to function&#65279; due to lack of writers

Francois Duvalier the monster 1964 the Massacre of the mulâtres of jeremie.

The best is to to have the country administer by the UN until these savages are able to govern, Haitians are the lowest scum of the earth.

Today I am ashamed of being Haitian I lost all my illusions and it hurts so bad

ladies and gentleman listen to this, is this not a shame?, a bunch of illiterate black orangutan monkey trying hard to make the country unstable


Un Mulatre Haitien

Antonioj, October 29 2009, 11:28 PM

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