Hello Dear Friend, Been Proud of who you are does not have...

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - October 30 2009, 5:43 PM

Hello Dear Friend,

Been Proud of who you are does not have nothing to do with who you will be. Don't let your past destroy your future.

I am here to promotng peace and love as you might see in my webb site. I am a man of God not to say a Rev. Pasto or Dr. I have been learned not to stick on criticizing but been creative and fight for justice.

Yes, of course I a citizen of the greatest country in the World and tat is why you and I can disagree and still talk with respect and dignity.

That is what I am talking about.

And I am not afraid nor ashamed about who I am. I here in the USA to learn and preach and go around the world to teach and Practice the same. It is fun to communicate and share ideas to help others become great in a world that is very ignorant about the truth.

I don't care what any one have/ has to say about my ideology, I will not shut up neither quit up by been an advocate for the poor and the forsaken souls around.

I am not just representing Haiti, I a man of God and I command the world, so ifyu have commets bring them on I am the source of the living water if any is thirsthy of the truth I let him drink and dine with me. My friend you just Got the Holy Spirit lad me to let the world knowing the truth, thak you so very much for replying to my blog. You are God given to inspire someone to go 1000 miles where He was hust setting at zero. You are gonna make starting preaching here in te blog my friend, and you are gonna make me famous, I a very poud of you. In John 5:35 I a lamp, in Romans 10:17 I have to Evangelize the world about love for you the people, for God, and me, in John 17:17 I am here andnot going nowhere to instruct people about who they are. We are saints to be proud of tthe wonders of God, and in Romans 10:14 I am here to let people have activities to encourage them to be creative where ever the are no matter whrere they come from. I writing for all people rich, poor, presidents, kings and nobles.

I can never hate an other countries even those where freedom of religions are not allowed.

I am still continuing to pray tat God will let me touch the heart of those leaders to overcome fear and lead by example.

Hey my friend, I wish you good luck in becoming a US citizen if I was not I would look for it right now. Franckly, I am very honored to be and this allowing the most opportunity to talk around the world as it is some other parts of the world you speak the truth you disappear, but not here in USA at for now. I believe we have to continue to until Christ rerturn.

We are civilized a society when accept to paise those who deserve the praising for the eartly deed even though all praises belong to God. My words are salt and light and I here to encouage every one to pray for you, to care for you, and to love you. When you respond to my blog you make me feel that I part of friends and I will always be the same in action and in word. I want to write more, but I to pick up my lovely kids from school, see you and hear from next time. Don't forget to blogging and let me know about my comments.

Look at my webb site, www.ddriveldmaine.com or email me fast at drriveldumaine.com if you want to help my ministry in Haiti and USA, please follow the instructions in my webb and God will bless you. Let's help an support the poor people around the world and let's stand to fight and eradicate poverty once for all. We can make it by fighting it in all corners as we fightthe war on terror.

I think that I fair with all. I consider President Rene G Preval as Haitian Hero like wise President Barak Obama American Hero.

My best regards to the bloggers.

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