Jesus Christ is the greatest Politician as He did receive...

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - October 30 2009, 8:45 PM

Jesus Christ is the greatest Politician as He did receive command from the Holy Father God, So Do I. You make me laughing not because of your opinion, because of doubt about the Son of God. Yes I am a spirituo-politcal Leader and represent My Father on Erath as it is in heaven.

In Matthew 16:13 Then, the Son of Man asked them, Who do say that I am?

I don't want to personify myself like Him. Let me ask you this question, who do you say that I am?

Some might say: a simple human being, Civil Right Leader, activist, a Rev. Dr.,but for me in't matter any more, I want to see equal justice, right, and privilege for all people around the world without prejudice, discrimination, and racism.

I heard a voice coming from heaven telling me speak-up for the voiceless and forsaken.Dear Responder One day you will be one of the gretest voice and leader in the World chosen to bring the word of salt and light in such a way the poor will have hope. And a voice told me,< My Son don't give answer to trouble people, but to encourage them. These are my greatest Heroes: Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Barak Obama, Dessalines, Toussaint Louverture, Charlemgne B Peralte, Francois Macandal, Francois Capois, Rene G Preval, Bill Clinton etc...

In countries where dictators are the go and do, this webb site would be only Political anarchic, but in a Free country like the USA this webb site is the only source where the unfortunate like me would have a voice.

I congratulate those who work so hard to let me have a say among the crooks of the imperialism world.

But as for me I will serve the world in a different manner that every one would be counted.

So Dear writer, you are my hero too, and let pray for Haiti to stop violence, crime, poverty.

Let stop that attitude dog eats dog. For so many years our country has been under an eternal curse, I take a stand to bring this curse before My Father maybe He would hear me and give me a new message.

Wait, wait, wait, I am afraid of no man as long as I not wrong.

Visit my spitituo-political world where every one get a fair play. www., email:fast at I have more to say, I am in a Church service; they are waiting for a word of hope. Jesus, said: the birds have places to sleep, but the Son of man has not.

Best Regards,

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