Hey comrade, You seem to be a real man for a revolution icon...

Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine - November 4 2009, 3:34 PM

Hey comrade,

You seem to be a real man for a revolution icon like me. I am fed up with kit kat meet me ovethere, let make Haiti becomes the dream our forth fathers hoped itto be. Too much speeches fo nothing.

I think you are going a little too far for dividig Haiti, instead we should divide our negative thoughts and dealing wih others.

But so far, you are on te right tract of the solution with clear ideas and leadership.

We should stand up and rise up against poverty, insecurity, abuse, and day to day starvation ofthe people.

I stand for a social revolution against poverty for equality to all. I wish we can shake hands on te same issue if not let make it happened for the sake of our nation.

It is not a matter of French, Creole, English or any other languages.

that is not our problems until now, our problems are the heart of stone, violence, crime, and abuse of power against the little ones. We are Haitians, let not kill one another, but let save our lives.

I don' t really care about what people say about the USA. I live in the USA and this the only place in planet earth where you get all the freedom.

You don't have to worry about been killd for posted messages in the internet by criminels of the government in power.

Let learn and practice and preach the truth for our children and great children.

Mr. Jean Pepe I like your ideas, you seem to be one my future heroes.

Like wise I want to work very hard to be like Jesus Christ, Toussaint Louverture, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Francois Macandal, Charlemagne B Peralte, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Rene G Preval, and Rivel Dumaine the Messenger of the Living God.

To all you outthere keep up the good fight let's stand for our dignity to banish once for all poverty which is the biggest problem of the world.

God is not creatd any one to be poor, but who control the money, what about the mine of Gold Haitians still have in the US Treasurer?

We need to have this money back plus $1000. consider to be its value of today multiply by 100 years.

this is what we have to look for justice and restitution like wise African- Americans and Indians have been continued to ask for restitution.

Haitians leaders around the world I call upon you and to the youngest to stop that dirty politic, be humanistic for real peace, love, hope, security, and freedom.

I am here in te US to learn and to teach you guys to stop been selfish.

Only in the US you can get that freedom.

I love it and will die fo it because it freedom.

Please visit my webb site: www.drriveldumaine.com or email: fast at drriveldumaine.com

Best Regards,

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