My son I don't know what your reference is to be concerned. I...

Earl Wheby Jr - November 7 2009, 4:55 PM

My son I don't know what your reference is to be concerned.

I have suggested Haiti copy the policy established by the U.S. known as "manifest destiny" (you can google it) and then I received a few nasty emails.

The reason I suggested it is because the U.S. can't object because they had the same policy! I was only offering suggestions for what is a hopeless situation in Haiti.

Keep in mind that in history of Haiti there was once war between Haiti and Dominican Republic and Haiti had a brilliant general and was winning the war until a Voodoo priest sent him a message that he should return home to Haiti at once and then Haiti lost the war. I had nothing to do with original post "Haitians the most incompetent and medioce people" and have no idea who started that post. I lived and worked in Haiti back when Baby Doc was in power and am trying to establish contact with him. If you know anyone who has contact with him ask him to contact me. My understanding is he is living in one bedroom apt. (flat) in France and that his girlfriend is his representative but I haven't been able to establish contact with her either.

He has to be around somewhere because there was this message from him recently posted here at this site. He is welcome to be my house guest in luxury art deco home one block from beach in Daytona Beach.

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wazup wit dat? b careful not to use my name on your...


Haitians the most incompetent and mediocre people

Haitians are the most incompetent and mediocre people on the planet. Case in point, Haitians have elected Preval for...

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