tranlation pou kadav

Ti Roger - March 21 2007, 11:42 PM

I will gladly translate it for you
I said what French do they speak
Those C...suckers do not speak any French Sir. They speak something that is not understood by the French or by people like me who were educated in France.

They have used this half creole, half french to steal, ursupate and pluder our resources by constantly allying themselves with the foreigners.

Those f..

do not have any moral charachter nor do thet even care about rules, morals or human decency.

They do not create nothing.

They refuse to take part in the rebuilding of the Country for they do not have one. I say Kadav we must find a durable solution to these plague, sick and infected segment of our population.

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mwen selman konprann demi nan sa oudia, silvouple...


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