Thank you for your advice on how to try and establish contact...

Earl Wheby Jr - November 8 2009, 3:51 AM

Thank you for your advice on how to try and establish contact with Baby Doc. Your business ideas sound like there is a market for money transfers as Haitians in U.S. would send money home but the U.S. economy is really down in the dumps and dealing with money could expose you to personal risks in Haiti.

Consider this option which I support and would involve you establishing contacts with the Haitian military.

I believe Haiti needs a military college and the 70+% unemployment in Haiti can serve to bring people into the military as Haiti needs a much larger and stronger military as well as a larger Haitian Air Force, etc. This college would be a true military college offering mainly courses related to history of Haitian wars, classes on intelligence gathering and how to go about it without arousing suspicions (the college should be open to females as well as males as most armed services around the world use women and they are often very good and effective in areas of intellgence gathering without drawing suspicion).

I would contact the government about your plans and try to work within the existing military and attempt to gather instructors willing to donate some of their time with compensation to come in the future with new administration or from areas to be liberated.

This type venture for you will require longer and more extensive planning but maybe less of your own money as your time would be spend trying to gather support from government and military for grants to begin the college.

For those supporting me for President in the election I can assure you the backing of the government for this venture of a military college and military school.

It can begin from Junior High School level through High School and into a full fleged military college and it would also be possible to draw students from other countries.

Since Haiti is an independent country and you would be seeking grants and if you couldn't get them from the Haitian government or the U.S. government then you would be free to make appeals to governments of China and Cuba, etc. You could even try Brazil with pledge to later purchase Brazil weapons as they produce fighter jets and rockets now used by Libya.

A lot of this work you could accomplish using the internet by going to to get email addresses for embassies, etc. It would involve less of your personal funds, less risk to you and would be something to benefit Haiti which I fully support.

Good luck and thanks again for idea to establish contact with Baby Doc.

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