The Clinton Global Initiative and the MTLC

Marie Alice Covington - November 10 2009, 7:38 PM

The Clinton Global Initiative provides a grant to the Mattapan Technology Learning Center for a 10 weeks Project Management Program for Haiti's NGO.That program will be hosted by the Mattapan Technology Learning Center during spring Spring 2009. The grant will be managed by Jacques Dady Jean. According to Jacques Dady Jean, the director of the Mattapan Technology Learning Center, this program will include: project planning, project schedule, project evaluation and risk management.

The project will also include proposal writing and Microsoft excel training.This is possible, thanks to the generosity of President Bill Clinton and his wife Sec. Hillary Clinton.For information about this program and how to participate, you can call 617 696 6852 or visit

Only NGO members living in Haiti are eligible to participate to this training.

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