why why why why why

Gera Bougui - November 11 2009, 2:02 AM


-Why send a special envoy to a country with no current crisis like Haiti?

No one sent a special envoy to the United States, they have an on-going economic crisis and a health care quagmire that are pushing the citizens of that country on the verge of

why have Bill Clinton declared Haiti's current state of political stability a unique opportunity for foreign investment?

Any well advised mind would understand that the stability he is referring to is a virtual, makeshift, manufactured one because, like Iraq and Afghanistan, the only thing that is holding this country together is the presence of foreign occupation forces.

-Why renew the United Nations occupation mission in Haiti recently when just a few week earlier, the U.N special envoy comfortably noted a sound state of political stability?

Yes I just rephrased the previous point because Haitians seem to absorb and digest everything they are told by foreigners without cognitive inquiries

-Why would Bill Clinton go to Haiti and enjoin the people of that country to stop dwelling on the past and look to the future while in the United States, Obama does not seem to be able to forget Lincoln, and Republican are determined to incarnate Reagan, the items of the deep past.

-why would foreign countries frantically and erratically and most important, preemptively decipher a threat for democracy in a recent Haitian democratic process by authorized Haitian constitutional entities to replace a Prime Minister?

The Haitian parliament has used constitutional provisions and replaced a prime minister and her appointees.

The Haitian constitution has not been violated.

Haitian military forces have not been used in the process.

The constitution clearly provides the rules to follow up on the events, and the parliament is constitutionally applying those rules.

Yet, foreign embassies see a threat for democracy in a constitutional process that is very common and takes place all the times because this time around, the replaced Prime Minister was in concurrence with just about everything they had set up.

-why would possible foreign investors encouraged by the UN Special envoy menace to leave weeks after they were talked into coming in?

It said that the peaceful constitutional process to replace the Prime Minister has paved the way for political instability seen from the crystal ball of foreigners.

-Why don't Haitians start using the same thinking process that led them to Independence in 1804, and that led them to become the first republic of free Blacks in the entire world?

-Why do so many young educated Haitians so scared of being perceived as dissidents by foreign countries should they openly, legally and strongly take part in the political affairs of their own country?

Why has the bottommost level of Maslow' hierarchy of needs become so primordial to most Haitians leaving abroad?


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