When you hate too much you download junks into your brain

The Dark Knight - November 11 2009, 6:28 AM

The following is an excerpt from the unfinished book, The Circle, of Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a., the C.R.J

"When you hate too much, you download junks into your brain, and that will lower your capacity of thinking.

Human treasure is the most important resource in the development of a country.

Remember what we have downloaded in our existence, as Haitians, since shyly to our independence.

We set up Toussaint Louverture, and we handed him over on a silver plate for the French to humiliate and to kill, hoping that we could do the job he was perfectly doing better than him. In fact, Toussaint Louverture was the leader and the intellectual of the Independence of Haiti.

He was worldwide respected for his intelligence in his battles against the Spain and the British armies, and the then world scariest and most powerful the French Army and its fabulous General Napoleon Bonaparte.

Toussaint Louverture had an exceptional capacity to decipher foreign diplomats' codes.

I mean, he was perfectly able to detect the sexes of the flying mosquitoes.

Eventually, he and his brave men and women won the battle (the fight for freedom, or the fight for independence), had the full control of the whole island of Hispaniola, and even forced the France to liquidate the then massive land of Louisiana to US President Thomas Jefferson for "yon pyas eka".

Furthermore, Toussaint Louverture was about-- and he had all the necessaries resources-- to free more slaves and to conquer for Haiti all the Caribbean lands and the Florida, and to put his country and the Negroes on the top of the world.

Unfortunately, his own lieutenants blew up the chance of Haitians and all the black Africans because they wanted just to be the big chief.

In consequences, they were stuck because "le cerveau n'est plus la".

They became so confused; they even killed the house Negroes' kids and women.

So sadly, these kids could read and write.

These kids knew how a colonist thinks.

These kids knew very well the secrets in the smiles of a colonist.

These kids were the bridge between the civilization and the "chan kan'n nan".

These kids were the diplomats of Toussaint Louverture in Colonists' territories.

Their moms had access in the bedrooms, kitchens, offices, of the colonists.

These kids were human treasures.

But we "coupe tet ti chovi sa'yo, e nou coupe tet manman yo tou." They were human treasures in my eyes.

They also became perfect in "boule kay-tou".

They destroyed architects that could have helped us to have a better understanding of the civilization.

But we are left only "pou mete fado'a dou do" foreigners, and to import it to "generation en generations".

For the record: "etranje pa kreye mize an Haiti, etranje eksplwate pwop gaf nou. Se konsa lit e toujou ye de pi le nou te pran indepandans nou 1804".

As a matter of fact, since January 1, 1804, we have widely opened our doors for foreigners to exploit, from "vols aux viols".

Ironically, the same official date of our independence that we, Haitians, are so proud of - which only claimed the smallest part of the Island of Hispaniola "un etat souverain", and which was ignored by most important countries in the world- intellectually and in the worldview, we are applauding to our own ignorance, because in 1801, we did not only automatically become independent when we claimed the full control of the whole Island of Hispaniola, but also The United States and Great Britain did recognize our victory.

They even offered us everything we needed to maintain our independence and the safety of our population although it was diplomatic; i.e., "ban'm m'ap ba'w", as in English: you do for me and I do for you. In fact, the British had their deals with Toussaint Louverture to skip Jamaica in his conquest in staging their Navy boats in the vicinity against the French Navy, while US President Thomas Jefferson-- a former ambassador to France and knew very well Toussaint Louverture's and Napoleon Bonaparte's capacities and their ambitions-- provided us guns, ammo, military training, intelligence, and many other important resources to resist and to outsource the French Army in order to eliminate the threat of Napoleon Bonaparte in Louisiana, which he had from a secret treaty with Spain.

Human treasure sentiment is sine qua non. Think about your thumb among your fingers in your hands.

Human treasure is your thumb.

You greatly need it to grip your country like you need your thumb to firmly hold something.

Hatred can't work. Au contraire, hatred makes you act stupid and render you coward.

Haiti can't go anywhere with that massive hatred on your heart for your own brothers and sisters.

If someone tries to block your way, try to find another one. And that makes you smart, not only you know more ways but also you who he or she is. And if you identify and locate the problem, it is easy to solve the problem.

You might feel like going to President Aristide and gore him in his neck if you could because you heard that he had more than 800 million dollars in some secret banks, but one thing I can tell you President Aristide has enemies capable to manipulate you with destructive rumors like they did for Jean Claude Duvalier and many other Haitians.

Their enemies must convince you in order to pass their agendas.

I heard the same type of rumors against President Preval, too. But I believe President Preval loves his country, and he deserves a chance to correct his mistakes.

Right after the departure of President Aristide in 2004, I heard PNH commissaire Guy Philippe accusing President Aristide of "Vole lajan pep".

But the same Guy Philippe was expulsed in 1996 from the PNH for "detournement de fond public".

And now, the same Guy Philippe is found himself in the lam for human rights violation and for drug trafficking.

A lot of important Haitians have died poor while people think they were rich. Colonel George Valcin, General Philippe Biamby, and Colonel Leonce Qualo, I believe, they were great Haitians and they died poor." Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a., The C.R.J.

The Great King is coming

The Dark Knight


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