You misunderstood my post. Not fly "experts" to Haiti but...

Earl Wheby Jr - November 16 2009, 9:50 AM

You misunderstood my post. Not fly "experts" to Haiti but "expats" (expatrates) which is say people who were born there or lived and worked there but are now living elsewhere.

I believe it is the expats who will become the future leaders of Haiti.

And yes I know there are daily flight to Haiti but the cost keeps going up and it is not easy for a "group" of people to go together by commercial aircraft and if you add up the costs of tickets coming and going and going and coming back then soon the cost would exceed the cost of a private aircraft.

Use of private aircraft also allows more freedom not only to come and go on our own time schedule but to land in other parts of Haiti besides Port-A-Prince.

The idea has nothing to do with race. I support Gera Bougui in his efforts to get the U.N. out of Haiti and am for Haitins controlling their own country without outside dictates and also not to be "used" for cheap labor by American companies to produce womens bras, baseballs, etc. I have other policies to benefit Haiti which I can't go into here on public website as they are classified but will come to light in the future.

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