party type: what do we have in haiti?

Henri Jules - November 19 2009, 7:59 AM


"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."
Sun Tzu__ The art of war

After the collapse of the Duvalier regime, political parties have become the dominant force on the political scene in Haiti.

Absence of a common vision for the country; the weakness of our institutions; the absence of an organized civil society couple with an illiterate electorate, have led to the emergence of hundreds of self-proclaimed political leaders blinded by their intellectual ego and the presidential syndrome.

As if we did not have enough, the launch of every electoral competition, prompt in every self-proclaimed leader the appeal to create his own party, to carry out his own policy.

The latest is CONFIANCE by Pierre Eric Jean Jacques.

More to come!

While political party is broadly defined as a group people who share the same ideas about the way the country should be governed.

We do also have plenty other definitions.

One of them is; an organized group of people trying to secure seats in the legislative body in order to promote their agenda.

Despite the fact that Haitian political leaders are motivated by the presidential syndrome, deep inside, they know that's all a chimera.

As a result, they twist their political party into an INTEREST PARTY or INTEREST GROUP as opposed to a doctrinal (Liberal-Conservative) or a pragmatic (Democrat-Republican) party.

An interest party is party that does not have electoral victory as their main goal. For them ?l?important c?est de participer?

as they say in the sport world.

Most importantly, is to present an alternative to the establishment.

In the case of Haiti, their cause is to get rich. The alternative: NONE. It is well known nowadays, politic and corruptions are the fastest growing business in Haiti.

However, in a normal world, interest parties are not always a bad thing.

We some examples of great interest parties; THE MODEM IN FRANCE: THE NDP OR THE BLOC QUEBECOIS IN CANADA: THE GREEN PARTY spreading all over the world.

Those parties may have good effects on the government policy as they may also negatively affect, the future, not only the government but the whole country.

That was the case with Ralph Nader in the 2000 U.S elections that brought Georges W. Bush to power and the thirty something interest parties in the 2006 Haiti elections that brought Preval back.

Any respectful democracy needs interest parties.

But too many of them are alarming.

It is even more dangerous if not disastrous for Haiti to have so many. Because the interest party in our case is defined as Self-interest party.

People behind those parties are in for themselves, their friends and their family, when it's not for their class.

They are there to derail every effort to get the country out of poverty and they make every attempt to keep the population illiterate.

As the legislative and presidential elections are looming and the race for power is intensifying.

Political parties (Self-interest party) are mushrooming as internal conflicts for leadership are erupting on a day to day basis, as it is happening now with FUSION.

"Un vrai marasme!" The perpetual opposition leaders, with no tactic, no strategies to block the neo-lavalas wing, are getting ready to sink the country into another induced-cataclysm.

But who cares?

They can always inherit a minister, one or two seats in the parliament where they will be able to lobbying for their pockets.

Unfortunately, they are not the ones who pay the consequences of their defeat, but the Population.



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