I get bored from time to time and do some research in the...

Someone With An Opinion - December 1 2009, 2:41 PM

I get bored from time to time and do some research in the inevtable quest for knowledge as anyone does, thats why there is so much garbage to read on the internet.

But I myslef being a christian do see the downfall of other christians and non-christians that seems to be spoken of quite frequently which is being close-minded.

I am not too self absorbed to say that everything I think is truth and blah blah blah. The way i see it is we can argue back and forth all day on the story of jesus and horus and whoever else is in the mix but the one fact I can find for myself is that technology and the powers that control this world (hence computer, tv, iphones, medical industry, music industry, all that trash that is material wealth) is only destroying our world and our minds.

Whatever or whoever created us did it intentionally and for a purpose we will not discover on our own in this society.

The bibles moral teachings speak to the heart of whoever has the balls to read them. we can get cought up on this and that all day but the truth is satan (or whatever you wanna call it) has done a number on this world.

All we really should be doing is appreciating the beauty that is life and this beautiful world we were given to destroy.

We need to get off of our babylonian "I am and there is no one besides me" mentality's and see that we have a duty to fulfill on this earth, for this earth and it doesnt involve technology and the comprimise of our habitat.

It involves seeing our actions for what they are, and what they do to others.

shaking off the rif raf of society.

lets state the facts that we do know...

Our government is corrupt power hungry murderers, our medical doctors are just drug dealers (with drugs being similar to the mind altering elixr's of witch doctors, hence witchcraft), our videogames enslave our minds and make us numb to killing and waste the time we have on this wonerful planet, our hollywood alters our psychi to make us all alike, our pornography makes us numb to the emotions of our lovers and ultimately destroys our ability to care for women, our cell phones create famon by destroying our hunney bees, I can go on and on all day. But what really bugs me is that amidst all this bullshit that goes on and we know about, we have the audacity to argue about something that teaches us to be morally pleasing to eachother?

something that in escence could save our habitat and our minds and goes completely against our way of life (christian or non-christian).

Jesus' birthday isnt stated in the bible either, and yes constantine changed his birthday along with the sabbath day (which should be saturday, not sunday) all people have to do is follow the bread crumbs and realize that christianity isnt really what it is portrayed as. but one reavealing teaching i think everyone needs to realize is you cant love both god and money, it doesnt say god and satan but god and money (this is from matthew btw).

this is about the time i'd tell everyone to do their research on HJR 192 and soverignty (hjr being house joint resolution in which social security was created and we were enslaved).

But god and money are in conflict with eachother, why is it that the symbol of money is a serpent on a scepter?

the serpent tricked us from day one (money)and mans choice of knowledge over god has never ended and will not end because its our way of life. but we as individuals can atleast stand up for the way things should be, instead of bending over. When your reading all this you might be thinking what a dillusional freak, or you might be thinking, here's a guy thats on to something.

whatever it is I encourage you to do some research on the things that really matter, your family and life. equate the things that happen around you and to you to something other than hollywood bullshit meaning take the time to analyze situations from your own perspective, that my friend is how you discover the difference between what we want and what we need. we dont really want sex, drugs, money, and alcohol, trust me and trust in yourself and you'll figure it out.



I could not RESIST! Jesus birthday was celebrated by early Christians on JANUARY 6 for the first 300 years. In fact...

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