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If Stanley Lucas is a truly sincere and a good leader for Haiti or Haitians communities, and if he's a guy who stands for the true about Haiti situation, why does he live in the U.S. most of his life?...Why he's not popular, even on the internet?

What kind of help he has given to the Haitian communities that could mark him as a truly heroic?

I do not not think of anyone who would stand up for the true about his/ her country, would be comfortable enough to live in the U.S. because you would have to expose the U.S. of its wrong doing to Haitians here and Haiti.

Has stanlyey Lucas changed his Haitian citizen to another country?

Probably so, I guess.

Jean Pe, December 9 2009, 1:06 AM

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Voum Voum To Haiti, 9-Dec-09 1:14 am


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