Hi Zac, I don't think that only light skin women have long...

Linda - December 9 2009, 9:13 AM

Hi Zac, I don't think that only light skin women have long hair. Actually I am from a family in which the darker women are the ones with very long hair, and the lighter skin ones tend to have short coarse reddish hair; not all of them mind you. Some are light skin with long soft black hair. But one of the most beautiful dark skin women in my family, who used to have very long hair, decided that she would always wear her hair as short as her eyebrows.

She married a very light skin Haitian with blond hair and green eyes. Their children had long silky hair, but she cuts her daughter's hair very short.

Zac this is just to tell you how foolish it is to love a type of women based on what type of hair they have. You could marry a woman with long hair and than one day, after your married, you wake up and find that she has cut it all off--as I have done many times.Will you stop loving her?

As for the rule about black man who lack self esteem marrying light skin girls or even white ones. Of course there are always the exceptions to the rule. However, the fact remains that the strong black men that you see today do seem to have all chosen chocolate looking girls.

Zac, did you know that prior to the 1980s, when a Haitian man married a white woman it was considered a sign of inferiority.

People would whisper that the only reason he did that is because no good Haitian women would have him.Now that wasn't necessarily true, but it does show how Haiti has changed, because now Haitians are constantly marrying white Western woman.

It is interesting how quickly what used to be a part of a country's cultural make-up can change.

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Linda, it may be true that some black men marry light...



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