Hi Linda, I'm sorry I didn't mean to infer that only light...

Zac - December 9 2009, 10:25 AM

Hi Linda, I'm sorry I didn't mean to infer that only light skin women have long hair, (note to self should have worded that differently).

I actually prefer brown or chocolate skin women I've dated other races but I hope that i will settle down with a sister preferably a Haitian sister

you also made another great point concerning the hair, it really isn't everything.

But the thing I don't like is fake hair. A woman can be beautiful with long hair and also be just as beautiful with short hair. I see beauty in all types or race. I've discovered that it's not necessarily the skin color or length of hair that makes a women beautiful.

You see i'm the type of guy that likes natural beauty I like a girl who is beautiful without the fake hair and the heavy make up.

Really that's my type, natural beauty and i've seen them, they're black, they're white, latina and so on.

Linda i'm betting you're not only intelligent, educated, but you must be very beautiful as well. For sure God spent a little more time on you. Are you single?

I really do know how treat a woman nice.

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Hi Zac, I don't think that only light skin women have...



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