trust preval as long as the devil is away

Ayisyen Patriyot - June 11 2006, 8:50 AM

Loly, your concern is much understandable, but remember Preval is not a man of words like the other fellow, he's a man of actions.

I am sure he will accomplish a lot during the next five years.

And don't even think about coup against him. That will not happen.

Everybody loves Preval somehow because he does not bother anybody except those government workers who still too much.
That means he will finish his term like he did the first and expect a lot new schools, roads, and help to the peasants.

Expect also a good improvement in the reduction of violence, improvement in electricity distribution.

I am sure he will work to find alternative energy solutions like solar or (eolian)-(energy generated by the wind)
I had some doubts myself but the way he picked, along with prime minister Alexis, his cabinet members tell a lot about his intention to be really serious this time.
Thanks God Demon Aristide is away. So, he's on his own and has a chance to be really really good like we know he can be without anybody to tell him:" Don't fire this thief, I want X amount in my account every so often, I want elections to be organized without the opposition, etc." all the negative things that happened under his sorry eyes because of Aristide;

Vive Haiti.

Vive the Real Preval-Good Man for 5 years.

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