Toilet issues garbages issuesetc. NOT FOOD

Jean Pe - December 31 2009, 4:04 AM

As the thought of going back to Haiti, my country, has often come to my mind, the first things that always ponders in my mind is the toilet issues, the garage, than electricity.

However, the toilet is the one that bothers me the most. In fact, I rather suffer of food than living with the kind of toilet.

But, unfortunately, most people who claim they care about Haiti and Haitian condition don't talk about that. Unfortunately, most of the news on Haitian people and DONATION organizations on behalf of Haiti are focusing only on food, poverty.

Although running donation is...

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El Caribeno says...

I understand you, for you Haiti is your country, But this country does not exixt. this country is a garbage coutry. ... more »

Jean Pe says...

Immagine that on top of that kind of toilet you have children to clean after. The rest is unexplainable. more »