There is a man by the name of Lino Cassetana. Remember that...

Friend Of Haiti - January 3 2010, 11:41 PM

There is a man by the name of Lino Cassetana.

Remember that name. Haiti is about to be lifted out of the darkness and into the light of international recognition.

Finally, a real leader.

Smart, stately, confidant.

Most importantly, uniquely qualified.

He is uncorruptible and beyond reproach.

All Haitians will be surprise you had him amoung your midst the whole time. The US, Canada, France et al will recognize this man. Remember the name, Lino Cassetana.

He will rescue Haiti, he loves Haiti.

He has the plans and the means to advance Haiti.

He WILL take action and not talk and waste another 5, 10 years, letting the Haitians suffer.

I am not Haitian, but I am so excited for your country knowing what is coming.

Fianlly, there is a light for Haiti.

I am an international business man who would never put a penny into Haiti under its current leadership, But I will invest heavily as will many of my collegues under Mr. Lino Cassetana.

All you Haitians will have cause to celebrate soon. Be joyful, and prepare yourselves for tremendous change, and support this man.

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