Hello Zac. I concur with your assessment. Your history records...

Friend Of Haiti - January 4 2010, 11:33 PM

Hello Zac. I concur with your assessment.

Your history records that a leader emerged over 200 years ago and empower the people themselves to cast aside the yokes of slavery.

The problem with you Haitians is that you let history repeat itself and you yourselves put your country back into bondage.


Why blindly allowing someone like Aristide to take power, and again repeatedly Preval.

Now you all suffer at your own handiwork, and cry for change.

Wallowing in your own self pity. Please allow my candid assessment of your national state.

Don't take my word for it. Wait for Mr. Lino Cassetana, hear him and judge for yourself.

Do some deep introspection.

Do your due dilegence, and for God sake, vote with your head, not with your heart and prejudice.

Aristide set your nation back decades in development, and did you not learn after watching Preval demonstrate 5yrs of ineptness?

But you vote him back in to steal another 5yrs of Haiti's future.


Because they are black Haitians, and you only trust them?

This is a new era, let the BEST lead, regardless of colour, look at the US. Be it a Mulatto or a Chinese Haitian, or whomever.

Vote for the best your country has to offer.

To be frank, if I was Haitian, President Preval would embarass me. Your president acts like a clown on the international stage, and this is why serious nations do not take Haiti seriously.

If nothing else, a leader should at LEAST act presidential.

Project the image of respect, class and legitimatecy.

Your president fails in all regards.

No one can speak of his accomplishments, but all know he is a drunk.

I just returned from visiting Gonaives.

I was in Haiti not long ago, and met with some senators at the Villa Creole.

Frankly, no one impressed me, and most of them would not pass a high school equivalency in education.

Somehow, they all got elected.

My aim was to visit your Artibonite region and help you be self sufficient in rice production again.

Your nation used to be self sufficient in this regard.

Aristide changed that, allowing US rise to flood your market.

I know from my encounters, that the Haitian spirit and strength made it possible for your country to freed not only itself, but was instrumental in forging the freedom of many of the nations of the world.

I see great promise in the potential of your people.

Take pride in the knowlege that most flags of the Americas has blue and red in them in homage to Haitian blood that was wilfully spilt for them generations ago. Are you aware of this?

Most don't. Are you aware that Haitians are responsible for some the the world's greatest inventions?

That one of NASA's greatest scientist is a Haitian?

Haitian people has much to be prideful about.

So why is your nation in such a sad state of affair?

If you and other Haitians want to take refuge in your past history, then remember your history as reflective of a people who chose to lead, not a people that blindly follows.

Sadly, I wonder how such a people, once so noble now so blindly and repeatly vote for men of such lesser lights.

For me Haiti is like a rose garden, but filled with a million tears.

For your nation, I dream of a better place, filled with happier Haitians.

Lino Cassetana, listen to what the man has in store for you. Judge him on merit.

On his intelligence as demonstrated by his spoken words, his demeanour, and his associates.

Try to dwell deeply into him and get a sense of him as a person, and a leader.

If another shows more potential, then vote for him instead.

But vote intelligently, and be like lady justice, blind yourself to their skin colour.

Democracy starts from the neck up. Vote in another adminstration the likes of which you have now, and Haiti will spiral into oblivion.

Sadly, I cannot vote, but i can tell you this; Your new prime minister speaks ad nauseum about investments.

Believe me, it is only bravado.

But international people like me will never do without a leader with the promise of Mr. Cassetana.

How do I know so much about this man?

By providence.

I met him by chance and spend a long time getting to know him. Yes, i admit that his hope for Haiti is the same as anyone else. What sets him apart are his concrete projects.

But some of his plans showed me a breath of wisdom and insight that was beyond impressive.

His educational credential was immediately obvious.

There will no longer be suspicions cast upon your leader's educational background.

As a business person, I am conditioned to analyze a proposal inside out. I know from experience that many of his plans will bring tangible results in months.

Not years.

Even his financing plans for his projects are fundamentally sound and will work immediately.

It is obvious to me that this man has put years into his plans.

These are not spur of the moment plans.

My consortium decided to not be involved financially in Haiti until a new leader is chosen and Mr. Cassetana is in the running.

I only wish that the best person wins your election, be it Mr.Lino Cassetana or anyone else.
I have a good feeling about your nation's future.

Just get to know this man, and be impressed like me. You will see. I put my money on him.
I urge all Haitians to vote. For anyone that impresses you on merit.

You don't have to like the man. Think of your country first.

What is best for Haiti.

Vote beyond political affiliation.

But vote.

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