Hi Zac. My apologize for any misunderstanding. I was not...

Friend Of Haiti - January 5 2010, 7:47 PM

Hi Zac. My apologize for any misunderstanding.

I was not characterizing you. Just what I observe in general regarding the Haitian condition.

I believe you will hear of his candidacy soon. At least I hope since he informed me of his plans.

If I am correct, I think your CEP requires candidate registration by this February.

I will go ahead and assume that you are a young person.

If so, I encourage you and all young Haitians to maintain an active interest in your nation's affair.

As you have done. This bodes well for Haiti.

Sadly, my business now will require me to do some travel, and I regred I will not be able to post any more of my thoughts and comments for a while.

Nice corresponding with you as is Zac. I wish you continued success, and please once of know of this man, share with me your thoughts about him.
Please encourage all eligible Haitians to vote and claim this election as your own. Make it difficult for other national interests to interfere.

Bon Chance my friend.

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