Mathieu Derisse..You said one thing and another thing, but you... - January 9 2010, 11:26 AM

Mathieu Derisse..You said one thing and another thing, but you almost said it right, except that I do not know what you mean by Petion created "Doublure administration" purposely to keep the country poor. I thought Petion was on the side of Haiti and fought for Haiti freedom?

Am I correct?

And, you said Petion and Doublure administration, but you fail or you were reluctant to point the finger where it needed to be pointed * You didn't mention the USA as the men nemesis of most Haiti corruptions and poverty.

You see, the one that feeds you it's the one keeps you poor again..because the more you poor, the easier for him to get into your business, and the easier for you to believe anything they say. For example, they may say Mathieu, I want you yo go fight that dumb Haitian, and you listen and go on and fight that other Haitian.

What do you think?


RE: Return of all Haitian Presidents...

Aristide was a vitim of the Haitian Doublure administration like all the other presidents, and they should all...

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