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Mathieu, once again, you may not know exactly what you try to say because if you simply believe that Haiti corruption is just in the Haitian people because what Petion had done in the past. NO! Haitian, like many other poor nations have been manipulated by other nations, especially the USA system..Therefore, if you need to change the country to better, you must speak on behalf of the whole true to defend it. You'd know for fact if you looking at Haitian conditions in the USA, you can see how easy it is to use them to destroy their ownselves for quid pro quo.

Have you ever wondered how it to be a president?

Is it scary?

Maybe! If you ask yourself those questions you may come to terms that there may have another power that keeps prevent the Presidents of Haiti to do things right for the country and the people.

Therefore, I think the president may not feel comfortable, yet may be scared to do right things for the country as he wanted because he may get hurt by the force that opposed him. That's I think is the problem.

Take Aristide for example, he was one of them good president who wanted to change Haiti..

look at what happened to him.

Have you ever wondered about that?

I don't think mulattoes have much to do with that in a country with majority of maybe 98% are straight up black dark skinned.

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J'ai lu votre posting et je vois que vous croyez...


le pays est pris en otage par un groupe de mercena

Le pays et son peuple est pris en otage par un groupe de sans domicile fixe Deux questions à ce général...

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