All Haitian ex-presidents back...Good idea! - January 9 2010, 12:19 PM

Mathieu, you are not the first one to come up with that suject, and I think that you won't be last. Because I was expecting to write a blog on that lately on my blog site, which I will still do so sometimes in the future.

I was thinking that if we Haitian really want to show true reunite and getting out country together, we must show the world that we understand their trick.

I said trick, because it is the way to get into Haiti's business by looking for an excuse to blame all the Haitian leaders.

You see, I do not like Preval, but I have come to term and I started to realize that what happening in Haiti may not have anything to do with the Haitian presidents..

and..sometimes, I just think the president is afraid and he's wiling to see us open our voices..

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Mathieu Derisse says...

I agree with you my friend and start blogging about that idea and I will do the same. Hilary Clinton just stated in... more »