Re: Healing Time For Haiti No Attacks

Pierre S. Annibal - January 13 2010, 3:34 PM

I am asking Prass Michael to cool down, for we all know what went wrong in Haiti.

It is not the time to bring forth old conflicts about Haiti, and if it were up to blame, we all should be held accountable.

I watched your interview on CNN with Rick Sanchez, but your interviewer was not pleased by your negative comments about Haiti this time. It is a time for mourning, helping and not accusing anyone.

Please water down your comments, for you will need them later for future improvement.

Please look for aid to help those uninsured Haitians who are in dire need now. Use recent postings to make your point accross, and any attacks coming from old posting prior to the earthquake will be severely attacked...It is the time for unity and forgiveness...

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Zac says...

Pierre I understand what you're saying but I do share Pras Michel's anger. We need to make sure that after the dust... more »