Preval interviewed by CNN and was really sad!!!

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According to Preval, the National Palace is collapsed and his private residential is also collapsed, which means, Preval, the Haitian president is technically homeless.

According to him (Preval), he has no place to sleep, and that my fellow Haitians, is sad.

It looks to me that the government of Haiti has also collapsed.

The government does not have a home, a site to opperate/function.

Here's my suggestion.

I think the entire government should move temporarily to Cap-Haitian for safety reason and to continue running the country as it was once before.

The prime minister with a few staffs could stay in P-A-P to coordinate aid efforts, and to have a presence on the ground.

But the government has to have a home/site to keep functioning and run the country.

Tiba, January 13 2010, 6:46 PM

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Tiba, 15-Jan-10 6:08 am


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