nothing good ever come out of sous-hommes

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In a time like this the little uncivilized petit hommes are uttering a bunch of BS which kept most of you 200 years behind in the civilization process.

Post something to inform the Haitian Diaspora on how to find their loved ones and to donate some funds.

I have posted plenty of information that the owner of this site can make money by posting them to google.

See I am aware.

Therefore create a space where people can post the names of their missing relatives and get information.

Nothing good can ever comme out of little men. That's why your incompetant Preval cannot manage anything.

That's why that lunatic Aristide will never send the millions he stole from TELECO even to help the Haitian people in their greatest moments of needs.

That's why those Elites are looking out for themselves; they had to deal with sous-hommes everyday who want to get rich without working for it. Now I am sure the government people who survived are going to organize themselves very quickly to see how they can embezzle the international money pouring in.

Philippe, January 14 2010, 3:26 PM

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