Haiti Problem

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Dear President

This tragedy could be a good sign for the country to get back on his feet, but it won't be happen unless you put your feet down not to let only one party taking the country Profit outside of Haiti all of us Jaspora are tired to see the Country in such condition You Mr president can change thing if you want too, What you need to do:
a) You need to Take out the so call Monopole let say if I am brigning some Rice in Haiti come to find out the Elite are the only one who have the Right to sale rice or anything in Haiti Sir most of us Jaspora like Haiti if we have a Business in Haiti is to help the people to have a job not to make Big profit and keep it in our Pockets We need to invest in the Counrty, but you make it so difficult for Us,,, the Elite are not purely Haitians, for more than 200 years they have been Sucking the country no President ever see that, they have worked against Us Jaspora Please, Please Mr President Take out that Monople thing let some competion goes to Haiti so the price of the Market can be Cheaper for our people Mr president you Love Haiti like all of Us Jaspora after your term you will stay in Haiti do something before you go Take out the Monopole

b) I know the Country have survive by Us paying Taxes if a container come to Port let make it a flat fee for every container let say $3000 per container by doing that it will help us to bring more thing to the Country and more jobs

We in Jaspora like to HELP the Country to Progress not everything in our Pocket more Business will contrubute to a new Hospital, a fire Dept a post office a new school a nice Park for tourist or a new Hotel ect

M Malan, January 15 2010, 1:56 AM

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